Join the Choir

Would you like to join the Galway Baroque Singers?

Galway Baroque Singers hold auditions at various stages in the year, usually at the start of each term. These are advertised in local newspapers and also on our Facebook page. If you would like to set up an audition send us an email or use our Facebook page to contact us.


1. How do I arrange an audition?

Email us ( or contact us through our facebook page to enquire about auditions. An audition date will be arranged for you as soon as possible

2. How long does an audition take?

Auditions take approximately 15 minutes

3. Who will be at the audition?

Our conductor and one other choir member will be in the audition room

4. How do I prepare for an audition?

Choose a song that you can sing for the audition

5. What else will I have to do in the audition

You will be asked some ear tests (sing back notes that are played)and rhythm tests(clap a rhythm after it has been played). You will also be asked to sing some scales.

6. I am not very good at sight reading. Can I still audition?

Yes! Some choir members are excellent at sight reading but there are people in the choir who are not sight reading experts. There are many ways of learning the notes – online resources, line tapes, record your line on your phone at the rehearsal. You will find that your sight reading will improve with practice.

7. Do I need to have a loud voice?

No. You need to be able to sing in tune and have a voice that blends with the choir

8. If I pass my audition, when does the choir rehearse?

We rehearse every Wednesday from 8pm-10.30pm. Coming up to concerts we may have extra rehearsals on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

9. If I have any more questions can I contact you?

Yes you can! Drop us an email and we will be delighted to answer any other questions you might have.